About gintaa

With years of research and strict deadlines, our computer geniuses are ready with a unique concept where you can “give and take anything.”

The name is gintaa, which is here to identify your real-life problems to devise the right solutions without any fail.

It is the one-stop destination for every user who fancies incredible products and unbelievable offers.

Whether it is about exchanging with products or gintaa coins or exchanging using cash- we have it all.

You have plenty of opportunities to earn gintaa coins as rewards and use those gintaa coins to close exchange deals. Also, you can directly buy gintaa coins for your ‘Wallet’. The most exciting part is whenever you purchase a certain amount of gintaa coins, you earn more in your ‘Wallet’!

Let’s take a closer look at the key features of gintaa:
  • A user-centric exchange platform for products
  • List your old items and exchange them for something you desire
  • Get true value of your product at zero commission
  • Secure & simplified ‘Login’ using OTP
  • Invite your friends on gintaa and earn gintaa coins as rewards
  • A defined set of categories is available to list & find matches for unlimited products