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Discover the ultimate online shopping and ordering food experience at gintaa. Enjoy discounts up to 70% on online shopping and 50% discount on online food ordering.

gintaa Shopping

Buy— your one-stop for online shopping

Discover the ultimate shopping experience with gintaa Retail. Shop from a range of 200+ categories where you get multiple discounts and offers across different product categories like electronics, gadgets, home appliances, decor, fashion apparel, accessories, and beauty products. Later, users can earn gintaa coins on every deal closed.

Sell— No commission and no investment

gintaa is the ideal place to sell your products effortlessly, smoothly, and shortly while earning 100% profit with no investment and no platform fee. Selling as an individual seller who has something in excess and new, or a seasoned seller or just starting, gintaa gives you the correct elevation your business needs.

Online negotiation

For the first time, users can now negotiate the prices of the products online. E-commerce platforms usually push people to buy products at the price listed. But not here with gintaa. Here, users have three fair chances to negotiate with the seller and agree upon a price that suits both.

Earn and Redeem

Well, gintaa loves to make the gintaa experience rewarding. Users get to earn coins as a joining reward, a referral reward, a transaction closing reward, a profile completion reward, and so much more. Later, users can redeem coins on their next purchase or buy gift cards.

Hatibagan Market – Street to screen

gintaa has given users a market directly from the street to their screen. For people who love street shopping but somehow want to escape the street chaos, here it is. gintaa has the entire Hatibagan market on your screen. Now buy all those cheap yet fancy products from the comfort of your home.

gintaa Food - Serving you Locally

No more comparing prices to get a lower food bill. You can now order food from the comfort of your own home at the lowest possible price. gintaa Food allows you to order from restaurants providing 30+ cuisines around you. You can get your food delivered without having to worry about the product's quality or quantity.

Lowest Food Price Online

Get your hands off the hefty food bills. gintaa offers its customers the lowest food prices online. We have partner restaurants where the online and dine-in menu prices are the same. Well, that's gintaa's guarantee. If you find a lower price on another app, show us, and we will refund the difference.

Lowest Delivery charges

The price of the food bill just gets too high because of the high delivery charges. But gintaa has the lowest delivery charges. It is the restaurants that decide the delivery charges to be charged based on the order value.

Order online or takeaway

gintaa is more than just a food ordering app; it's an app where you can not only place an order and have it delivered to your home but also pick it up as a takeaway. Yes, you may place an order using the app and then pick it up at the restaurant on your way.

Zero commission for restaurants

Industry-first food order management app to charge the Zero commission on orders. gintaa helps restaurants earn their deserved profits by charging the zero commission and supporting their business to get to a new height.

Fastest Credit Payout

Now no more running a restaurant business on credit. Get paid for your services provided through gintaa Food within 72 hours, and that stands as a credit payout guarantee. gintaa automated payout system will help restaurants get their payments cleared within 2-3 days


Not only is it an eco-friendly habit, but due to its cost-effectiveness, the pre-owned market has gained immense popularity. Hence, here we are. gintaa is one of the most trustworthy and widest markets for second-hand products. From fashion to electronics, you can own anything worth the value and condition it is in. Whether you have the urge to stock up on vintage luxury products or choose pre-owned products due to the reduced risk of monetary loss, gintaa is the right place. Just enjoy the benefits of various items without the constant fear of their value descending right after bringing them back to their homes.