How gintaa Works

What is gintaa?

India’s first 3-in-1 app that helps you to:

  • Buy-Sell-Exchange products at their true value
  • Browse through variety of product categories
  • Earn 100% profit at 0% Investment & 0% commission
  • Win free rewards & gintaa coins
  • Reduce carbon footprints and save EARTH!

How to sell on gintaa?

  • 1 Upload product image/video, other details & list product
  • 2 After buyer initiates the offer, Accept/Revise it
  • 3 Choose your preferred payment & shipping options
  • 4 Close the offer after you get payment for the product
gintaa sell

How to buy on gintaa?

  • Search or browse product through the given categories
  • Negotiate, revise, and make an offer to the seller
  • Share your shipping details or contact number with the seller
  • Close the offer after you receive the product

And it's SOLD! List more products for free.

gintaa buy

How to exchange on gintaa?

  • List the product you want to exchange
  • Make/Accept/Revise the offer
  • Courier your product through your prefered delivery partner
  • Close the offer from both ends, after both parties receive respective desirables

Go ahead, and buy your next!

gintaa exchange

How to use gintaa coin?

  • Gintaa coin is a reusable virtual coin that users can use instead of cash.
  • Use gintaa coins to close the deals
  • Buy exclusive products using gintaa coins
  • Earn them through successful transactions
  • Get coins through referral links
  • Store gintaa coins safely in gintaa wallet

Gintaa coin makes the entire transaction way better and hassle-free!

gintaa coin

Useful tips

  • Negotiate, and buy at your price
  • Chat with your partner
  • Use promo codes (if available) to avail great offers
  • 0% commission, 0% investment, 100% profit
  • Refer and earn rewards