About Us

After being able to make an indelible mark for providing people with inexpensive, reliable, and convenient shopping experiences successfully, gintaa has decided to spread its wings in the food industry. gintaa has now expanded its offerings to include gintaa food. gintaa Food offers an online food ordering platform connecting urban foodies with existing neighborhood partner restaurants, who are best in their own way, benefitting both. So next time you think of escaping the modern-day traffic for your favorite food, gintaa food comes to your rescue every time!

Intention of Ideation:

Our goal is to provide a platform where restaurants can easily list themselves and get their best-selling, signature delicious dishes highlighted, while also allowing users to order their favorite foods at the lowest possible food price available online. At the same time, gintaa food’s key selling point is that it is designed to provide foodies with an impeccable experience when it comes to discovering, ordering, and enjoying their favorite dishes from local restaurants.

Our platform allows restaurants to easily list themselves and add their menus hassle-free while being assisted by the gintaa food team at every step. We also offer to charge the Zero commissions in the industry, and no additional charges for top listings or other hidden charges. Where we solely want restaurants to focus on preparing and serving mouth-smacking food without worrying about draining their profits.

For food lovers, our platform is the perfect way to discover new restaurants and different cuisines while also getting the best value for their money. gintaa Food is looking forward to capturing the food industry in terms of the customer impact metric. It enables you to place one-serve orders without incurring any additional charges. We also offer a wide selection of cuisines and dishes to choose from, with prices that are often lower than what you would find in the restaurant itself.

Restaurants and Food lovers both can derive benefits from our platform!

Benefits for Restaurants:
  • Zero commission
  • Maximum Profits
  • Superfast credit payout
  • Serve to all nearby locations
  • Increase your reach
  • Enhance the brand visibility
  • Easy Payment Gateway options
Benefits for Foodies:
  • Lowest Food Price Online
  • Good Quality food
  • No cutting in portion
  • Pick up food on your way to your destination
  • Epic Discounts on every order
  • Late Night Delivery
  • Veg/Non-Veg Items Available
  • Save Bigger Amount on Every Order
  • Click a photo of gintaa food packets carrying the delivery person and upload the pic in the app and get 20/- off on the next order.