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Our Guarantee!!

If you see restaurants with the “Lowest Food Price Online” guarantee on gintaa-Food, then trust it. It’s our promise that you won’t find the best lowest price for food elsewhere on any other online platform. In fact, if you find the exact same price for the same food being given by any other food ordering app, be our guest. We’ll refund you the difference amount after you present us with the proofs.

We take our promise seriously. We are pretty sure about the prices for the food items that you see while ordering is the lowest possible price as per the industry. So if you find a better deal for your order anywhere else on the web or the app, prove it to us immediately, and we’ll match the difference.

Terms & Condition

  • Best price only applies to the food item/dish of your ordering with gintaa-Food and does not apply to any shopping products on gintaa.
  • You must have paid for your food bill in full by credit card, debit card, UPI, or net banking via www.gintaa.com immediately when ordering. Any option to hold a price without paying in full at the time of order does not qualify.
  • The qualifying order (among the two at least one) must be from a restaurant continuing its operation solely on gintaa and gintaa-Food. Comparison of other apps (both orders from two different apps, which do not include gintaa-Food) being claimed on gintaa will not be considered.
  • If you find food prices on another website (that is not a gintaa.com site) at a cheaper/lower price than the price of the ordered food, gintaa Food will refund the difference between the purchased price and the third-party price of the food. To be eligible to apply for such a refund:
    • The third-party food price (other food ordering apps) must be for exactly the same food/dish/item as the ordered food price including, but not limited to, the same date (excluding happy hours), same restaurant outlet, same location, same number of items and same/identical ordering conditions (weather, special events).
    • The third-party food price must exist or be available at the same time that the purchased food price ordered.
    • The third-party food price (other food ordering apps) has to be/must be in the same currency as the ordered food prices. It must also include all taxes, fees, surcharges, charges, and other costs associated with the payment method used to acquire the price of the ordered food.
    • The third-party food price (other food ordering apps) must be available from a website or app of a company that is based in the same country as the ordered food price. Check carefully on the "About Us" or "Contact Us" (or similar) page of the website to check that the company is based in the same country of the order-placing platform.
    • The third-party food (other food ordering apps) must be orderable online. Any third-party food (other food ordering apps) that can be viewed but cannot be ordered and paid online will be excluded from "Best Price".
  • To qualify for a refund you must fill out the online claim form in English/Hindi/Bengali and gintaa and gintaa-Food must receive your claim form by midnight of the same day you ordered your food at the given price using the time zone of your present country or the country your are placing your order from. Make sure that you keep a snapshot/screenshot or a printout of the total price of the third-party food price (other food ordering apps), which includes all taxes, fees, and surcharges and of gintaa or gintaa-Food as well. gintaa or gintaa-Food may ask to see this screenshot in order to validate your claim. gintaa will independently authenticate the screenshot's truthfulness and will verify any request that it deems, in its sole judgment, is the product of a printing or other error or is made fraudulently or not in the best of intentions. Incomplete claim forms or any other type of claim will be rejected.
  • gintaa will make sure that your third-party food prices (other food ordering apps) match all of the specifications outlined in these terms and conditions, and you will be notified within 48 hours of submitting your claim form whether or not you have qualified for a refund. gintaa or gintaa-Food will strive to complete the refund within 4-5 working days after receiving information that you are eligible for one.
  • The difference amount will only be credited to the credit card, debit card, or bank account used to order the food.
  • Best Price will not apply in the following circumstances:
    • To any food prices offered as special eligibility prices including (but not limited to) third-party promotion prices, individual, collective group, family, friends, senior, personal, or corporate prices;
    • If the ordered food price or third-party food prices (other food ordering apps) has been discounted by offers, coupons, gift cards, vouchers, or other discounts
    • If gintaa or gintaa-Food, after reasonable efforts, is unable to verify that the third-party food prices were ordered online on the day, time, and given above conditions in 4(a) of your claim;
    • If you have ordered from the third-party app (other food ordering apps) at a different time than when you completed your food ordering on gintaa.com
  • gintaa or gintaa-Food reserves the right to cancel this promotion or amend these terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice to the users.
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